New website, new book and your reset button


Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you wished you could start over? Just hit the reset button and make different choices? Go to another school, change your job, pick a different career, or maybe marry the other guy! I have. While I didn’t ask for it I nonetheless got a chance […]

Insurance you should ignore


Several months ago I wrote a blog post for my business entitled The Deal with Mortgage Insurance. In that article I argued that mortgage insurance is typically a waste of money and it doesn’t provide coverage for many of the key costs that you face after a loss. You can almost always do better with […]

Where there’s a will there’s a way


Quick test, True or False: 1. When you die, it will make no difference for your partner whether you were married or in a common-law relationship when it comes to the transfer of assets. 2. Any jointly held assets automatically pass to the survivor with or without a marriage.

When credit matters


I recently wrote a blog post for my business entitled Women: What’s your score? It’s a discussion of the importance of Credit Scores (also known as Beacon scores in Canada) and why women in particular need to pay attention to them. Then one of life’s interesting coincidences occurred: I interviewed a woman whom I’ll call […]

The importance of girl time


So far I have interviewed a few dozen women for this blog and while they have all had different experiences of loss or divorce, there is a common thread to their lists of advice for women. In short, they recommend that you spend more time with your girlfriends and nurture those friendships.

Thank you Universe, give me more

Thank you

When someone wants to do something nice for you or give you something, do you ever find yourself arguing with them or politely turning them down? Do you ever say, “No, it’s OK, I’m fine. Thanks anyway.” If you have ever done that, this message is for you.

Where does your money trail lead?


I recently shot a video for a company that asked for my Top 5 Tips for Women and I want to share some of that content with you today. I have many suggestions when it comes to helping women protect themselves and ensure a financially secure future. Today I’m going to share the #1 Tip […]

What do you say and do when someone dies?


On Wednesday, February 27th my friend Shawn Holmesdale died at the age of 39. His death was sudden and completely unexpected. Everyone who knew him is in shock, none more so than his wife, my good friend Ruthanne. Several people have reached out to me for advice on what to do. They’ve likely done so […]

Bring on Wonder Woman


I have to plead scope creep for this post. It has nothing to do with lessons that I’ve learned through business and the loss of my first husband but it does have everything to do with helping women set themselves up for success in any area of their lives. For that reason, it is a […]